Wednesday, May 30, 2012

KPOP CRAZEE COVER Competition 25/5-Hari Belia Negara 2012

KPOP CRAZEE COVER Competition 25/5-Hari Belia Negara 2012

Held in YOUTH HEART BEAT stage for Hari Belia Negara 2012.
Organized by Diovulus Entertainment.
(we manage to handle this event for 2 weeks start from ZERO...TQ so Much to our Committee especially Ominnie, Kannmani,Hudy,Baby )

Thank You Sponsors:
R4Y organization
Sony Music Malaysia
Neway Karaoke Malaysia
Miroette Production

Supported by:
Ministry of Youth & Sports
Hari Belia Negara 2012 secretariat.

Congratulations to the winner:
1: Ruffneckz(Dance) 
2: Progression(Dance) 
3:Teddy Lo(Sing)

Amirul shakir & Kannmani as MC
Suanne Chong(Malaysian Chinese Korean Dancer), Dr. Aron Chung(MBC korea & World Trans Fat Org.) & Dior(International Singer&Ambassador/ Malaysian Kpop Artist)
Opening Act
Black Eyed Crew at 4th place
NEWAY Karaoke Box
Sony Music Malaysia

R4Youth Club
Millions Youth Gathering 2012

Congratulation also to other contestant. Hope to see you next time!!!

Dior (
Director Diovulus Entertainment

Organized by Diovulus Entertainment
Yours sincerely, DIOR 디요

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