Wednesday, February 2, 2011

D'Embassy Dance Theater Academy Studio,Pandan Indah

D'Embassy Dance Theater Academy Studio
I've been invited by my friend: Siti Fauzani to her studio opening ceremony last saturday.
I was very proud to know that one of my closed friend have their own studio &'s like one of the target for most of the dancers.
It's so spacious,even can gather until 40 dancers at a time.
For studios...Sound system is important...but to have LCD screen for ur training/karaoke is AWESOME!not many Dance studio have this.
One of Siti's closest friend told me....she bought the mic just because  the existing of that i can use the mic fr my practice soon...i was so touch with the words...oh...siti...u just knw whats the best for me(but ofcourse for everyone else...hehehe).the best thig is...they got DVD player with usb & amplifier with KEY ADJUSTOR!!!thats truly awesome!...not to mention 2WIRELESS mic of Mipro.
Not to worry abt ur belongings,here's plenty shelves fr u place ur bag/water bottle neatly.
This's the Owner of D'Embassy Studio: Siti Fauzani
Location : Pandan Indah...Infront of Steven Corner.
Price: The CHEAPEST in Town: RM18!!!!!(as for now)plus its spacious & LCD that u have to consider.:)

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  1. i'm interested...what kind of dance do you teach?pls contact me at my email at looking forward for ur reply. TQ.