Sunday, January 30, 2011

Touch - Meet them & Got the CD frm their manager in Korea recently...Nice songs...

here's the MV of them:

I've met TOUCH in Korea recently...I really don't know them when i met them...i even ask my English interpreter who are they..hehehe.
from their clothes & style...i know they r Idol KPOP grp....i just snap a pic with them 1st lah...hahaha.
after that,i met their manager & asking abt the grp.Luckily she had  a copy of their album in her bag,,,so she gave me.....i was,nice album packaging.
They r frm new ent comp in Korea called YYJ Ent.when i go to their website...i just saw TOUCH as the Only product.

Good Luck to TOUCH!!! u have a fanclub in Malaysia...
Hope u can come in Malaysia soon....i could give a hand...hehe....Thnx Joy Kim!!!!


  1. I'm so jealous >< Bring them to Malaysia soon. hehe.
    did they say something about Malaysia? kk.Our fanbase.. MY7D ..they know about it.hehe

  2. Good Luck TOUCH. We're always supporting u guys. U have fanclub in Malaysia, MY7Desires.

    p/s: Dior, Nice hair :D

  3. you're soooooo lucky to meet them there...(^_^)....

  4. Uri.....yeah...i'd spoke to Hanjun...he hope TOUCH can come to Malaysia soon also.

  5. omg!!!
    lucky of u....
    wanna meet them too..